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Why Celebrating Success (& Each Other) is So Important to a Winning Company Mindset

Updated: Apr 5

The Great Resignation was the label used to describe the vast “I Quit” proclamations lodged against employers in 2021, and the movement led to many businesses wondering what went wrong. While some employees were ready to welcome new opportunities, others felt burned out, underappreciated, and lacked a sense of purpose.

Gallup reported that, in May 2021, more than three million workers handed in their resignation. What spurred this trend of employment break-ups? Disengagement was highly linked to resignations; when employees felt a lack of meaning or purpose in their jobs, why would they want to stay?

Businesses should not become complacent about the engagement or happiness of their employees. In fact, if companies and leaders use the term ‘employee,’ it is time to pivot to a new mindset. Your team members are important; they are valuable. A reliable team creates the sturdy foundation of a great company; happy, satisfied, valued team members are loyal. Disengaged and dissatisfied employees are more likely to pen a resignation letter.

Celebrate the team. Celebrate team members. Celebrate success. Don’t heap praise covertly; instead, make it a meaningful moment. Why are celebrations so important? These parties, retreats, get-togethers, and events provide a break from the norm of the typical workday. Celebrations allow the team to bond outside of the office environment, they make team members feel valued and rewarded, and they help the company create a more balanced and positive environment for everyone.

Plan a Celebration: Five Ways to Fête the Team

All businesses must abide by their budget. Hosting a celebration does not require a massive financial investment; although for larger corporations, celebrations can be huge multi-day events. Here are five simple and meaningful ways to celebrate your team:

1. Host monthly birthday recognition events.

On the first of each month, commemorate all the birthdays in the office. Buy a sheet cake, donuts, or other treats for the team to enjoy.

2. Celebrate goals and successes.

Did the team hit a sales goal? Celebrate it. Tie a goal with a company-wide reward. This reward could include closing the office for an unscheduled Friday off, closing the office early, providing free lunch, etc. Maybe the team votes on the reward.

3. Plan a holiday party.

Gather the team for a winter celebration; this party celebrates the season. Invite spouses and families, serve dinner and snacks, or plan a hot chocolate and cookie party. Even a small holiday party is meaningful during the festive season.

4. Don’t neglect the company’s birthday.

Each year your business remains in business is a mark of success. One out of five new businesses fail in the first two years. Every year of operation represents another reason to celebrate. Commemorate the company’s birthday or founding date; on milestone anniversaries, consider hosting a party with clients, vendors, and the families of team members.

5. Celebrate each other.

Celebrations do not always equate to a party. Encourage team members to celebrate the success and value of each other. During company meetings, include time for the team to thank each other or give a ‘shout out’ to another team member. Everyone wants and needs to feel appreciated and seen.

Business owners and team leaders should not wait until a stack of resignation letters mounts to spur them to embrace an appreciative mindset towards their team. No one wants to be just an employee; team members who feel that their role lacks purpose, those who feel devalued, and those who yearn for positive feedback will not wait for their companies to see them. Instead, they will, like so many others, prepare their resignation letter and move on. Today, embrace positivity and appreciate the value of your team. Celebrate their achievements and their unique contributions to the success of your business because without them, your foundation crumbles.

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Tabetha Sheaver is a CEO, executive coaching specialist, project management professional (PMI), and an award-winning business success partner. She helps CEOs regain control of their companies with organizational change management strategies. While helping entrepreneurial leadership teams to be open, honest, and healthy, Tabetha’s experience and insight have made her an in-demand public speaker and presenter nationwide.

Tabetha Sheaver


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