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Tabetha Sheaver - The Go-To Business Consultant

Tabetha Sheaver is St. Louis’ Go-To Business Consultant

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All entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate CEOs have their weak spots. Tabetha’s role is to help businesses and companies strengthen those weak spots by implementing best practices in their work.

Because of Tabetha Sheaver’s entrepreneurial background, she knows the time, commitment, and energy put into growing your business and climbing corporate ladders.

Your business can reach new heights through strategy, execution, and control.

Tabetha Sheaver,  Founder & CEO of Tabetha Sheaver

Tabetha Sheaver, Founder & CEO

We Hear Your Pain Points; Let Tabetha Help

It’s lonely when you’re at the top.  Many CEOs, high-level executives, and entrepreneurs begin to feel like they’re alone.  Executives who don’t know when to let go and delegate tasks start to feel burnt out. EOS can solve a lot of problems leaders experience: 

  • Feel like you are hitting the ceiling/ you’ve capped out and don’t know what to do next

  • Struggling to get things done or get results

  • Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by priorities 

  • Not having a work-life-balance, sacrificing your family and hobbies

  • Grappling to delegate tasks

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Tabetha Sheaver Is A Business Coach…And So Much More!

Think of us as your business success manager. If your business venture is plateauing, we will pick you up and help you soar.  Through business coaching, consulting, and helping with change management.

Tabetha Sheaver Operates on four-core values

Have Integrity

Do what you say you're going to do. Our clients count on our accountability. If we commit to it, it gets done.

Be the Buffalo

Like the buffalo running to the storm to get through it faster, we run toward hard things and confront them.


When we move to achieve a result, we all have to have a dedication to the same goal.

Be Kind

It’s so simple it doesn’t need an explanation.

Tabetha coaching a leader

Helping entrepreneurs and business leaders unlock their full potential is our passion.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out the success stories from current and previous clients.

Share your five-star consulting story with Tabetha Sheaver!

Tabetha’s Success Record

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